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With Xceed Editors for .NET, you are just a couple of mouse clicks away from creating unique and more powerful UIs. When dropped onto a form, the controls are automatically set up with the most common features and functionalities ready to go. Using XceedOCOs convenient designers, just a few more mouse clicks let you customize many aspects of these controls. It eight ready-to-use base controls: - buttons- calendars / multi-month calendars- check boxes- combo boxes / multi-column combo boxes- date pickers- horizontal and vertical scrollbars- panels- textboxes / masked textboxes With features such as the combo box controlOCOs entirely customizable multi-column support (provided by Xceed Grid for .NET technology) and the calendar controlOCOs multi-month support, you have greater UI creation possibilities, out-of-the-box. The most striking feature of these controls is a high degree of combinability: other Xceed editor controls (in fact any .NET control) can be embedded within them to create new ones. By using a WinPanel, any Windows Forms control can dropdown any other control, allowing for unlimited flexibility and innovation. So in addition to getting features that surpass what VS.NET offers, these controls can be combined to take your UI even further. Also included is the VB.NET and C# source code of several sample composite controls. This is beneficial for two reasons. First, you can copy the sample code and use it for your own applications. Once this code has been adapted and tweaked, you basically have 10 extra controls, bringing the total to 18. Second, these supplemental composite controls show just how easy it is to create controls of your own that are unrivaled in the ways they let your end-users interact with your software. The flexibility of these controls doesnOCOt stop at their combinability. The classes of Xceed Editors for .NET can also be extended, so you can create your own specialized controls that better meet the needs of your

Systems: Windows

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